Slide Support

      Everybody knows you can spend many frustrating hours working on PowerPoint slides, between formatting, aligning boxes and text, looking for icons, etc. yet you still don’t get the results you wanted!  With YourSlides this is over! We will polish and improve your slides in a professional and effective way.

      We offer different services to fit your individual needs:


      • Formatting & Spelling
      • Graphic Support
      • Content Support
      Starting at £14 per slide


      Creation of Presentations

      Say goodbye to old fashioned and boring presentations! Say goodbye to looking for hours to find the right concepts for your presentation!

      Just send us your ideas or notes and we will create a modern and inspiring presentations for you.
      We offer:


      • Scribbles to PowerPoint
      • Development of Story lines
      •  Master-Template
      Starting at £20 per slide


      Templates & Masters

      Create good-looking presentations in a fast and easy way by yourself with perfect configured Master Slides.

      YourSlides creates and configures Master Slides and Templates in your company design or creates new designs if you prefer.


      • New Corporate Design
      • Creation of templates
      • Layouts
      Starting at £199


      Complex info graphic design

      Info graphics

      Explain complex content on slides –  Info graphics are a perfect solution for showing diverse information in a creative and clear way.

      We develop fitting and unique graphics due to your needs.

      Send us an informal request!

      Informal request




      PowerPoint Review

      We check your presentation for possible improvements and will tell you honestly what to improve or if your presentation is client ready!

      Send us an informal request!

      Informal request

      Emergency Service

      In a lot of cases the presentation has to be finalised over the weekend or overnight! No problem for us – just contact us!

      We offer overnight- and over-weekend services and will take care of your PowerPoint presentation while you have the time to take care of your urgent projects!

      Ask for availability:

      Contact us

       Other Services

      As a full service PowerPoint provider we will take care of all PowerPoint issues you can think of, whether it is translating of slides or videos. Just let us know!



      You have hundreds of ideas for your presentation? But you do not know how to build it in PowerPoint? Do not lose time – just download our scribble template and sketch the slides on paper. Send us a photo or a scan and we will build the slides on short notice.